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Cream Bun


One of the most famous Japanese sweet breads -  loved by all generations.
This traditional recipe  features thick custard cream wrapped in sweet dough and baked to golden perfection. Once you take the first bite you will plan on buying more than one.


Melon Bun
(Plain, Matcha, Coconut  Chocolate Chip or Seasonal flaver)

 Melon Pan has no melon used anywhere during the process of making it. The name  probably comes from the outer crust of the bread  which resembles a melon. It is seductively crunchy on the outside and very soft inside. Bite into one and give your taste buds a treat. 

(Red Bean Bun)

Anpan, is a classic Japanese pastry with sweet red bean paste inside a soft sweet bread.  Many would agree that Anpan is the most traditional and popular type of  bun in Japan. Taste one and see what you think.

Key Lime 

 Creamy, tart and scrumptious. No need to fly to Florida. The best key lime in Manitoba. This perfect dessert adds zest to those special celebrations. Bring one home and start a new tradition. 

Japanese Cheesecake
(Original, lime)

Lighter and fluffier than traditional cheesecakes but with flavours that excite the palate and will have them raising their plates for second helpings.

Mt. Fuji at Night
(Vegan / Japanese Brownies)

Wholesome vegan ingredients perfectly combined and baked to perfection. These cupcakes will satisfy the most discerning chocoholics. 

Chocolate Cupcakes

Satisfy those constant cravings with our rich and delicious chocolate cupcakes. When a cake is too large, these cupcakes are the perfect size for sharing.

Japanese Pudding 
(Torokeru pudding)

Irresistible Japanese style panna cotta pudding. Light, burnt sugar liquid floating on top of a white, creamy base. Egg and gluten free.

Tuna Onigiri
(Rice Ball Set)

These triangles of rice with tuna filling are pleasing to the eye and a pleasure for the palate.  

Character Shaped Sugar Cookies
(Mario, Hello kitty, Doraemon, Disney and more - Dairy Free)

These melt in your mouth cookies will power up your energy to help you pass the next level.

Japanese Rice Green Tea 

A delicious Japanese tea that will tantalize the senses, enjoy it anytime throughout your day. This tea is sure to make you feel warm all over. 

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